A Race and lots of Bull


First off, I just want to say I LOVED all your reasons for Why You Run from yesterday’s post.

I thought it was a great excercise to really think about why we do it and I truly loved reading all your answers.


Race News:

Tomorrow I run in my first 5k of the year, which will also be my second race of the year. 

Can I Beat Coach Pete?


Coach Peterson is Boise State University’s Bronco Football Head coach. He has challenged every college student, alumni and anyone else to race against him to help raise money for student scholarships. Every person who beats him in this 5k race, he will personally donate $5.00 towards the fund. You also win a cool wicking shirt that says “I Beat Coach Pete”.

Now, he is said to run a 5k in about 27:00 minutes. I ran my SUPER fast run on Tuesday at 28:59, so I am not sure if I will beat him. But let me tell you that I am sure as heck going to give it a good try! Wish me luck! 🙂

My main goals for the race is to:

  1. Run faster than 31:30
  2. Have fun
  3. Beat Coach Pete


Now onto Flashback Friday:

Let me preface where the flashback friday idea for today’s post came from.

I was watching the movie Role Models the other night and nearly died laughing when I saw the two guys pull up in their Minotaur Energy Drink truck. It brought be back to the good ole days….

I worked for Red Bull Energy drink for about 3 1/2 years while going to college. I got to drive the awesome Red Bull Truck which we named the “Racer” and got to help educate and market Redbull and Redbull sugar-free energy drinks.

Talk about the most kick butt job EVER! 🙂

What I loved about this job was I got the opportunity to interact with different people everyday. We also got to travel all around the state to different events and hang out Red Bull VIP style.  We worked hard and played hard. What’s not to love?

I also had a really awesome boss. 😉  Abbey that’s you!

Abbey is currently training for the San Diego Marathon in June. She is also training with Team in Training and is well on her way of reaching her fundraising goals. Take a moment and check out her blog at My Path to 26.2

This picture above is one of the events Abbey & I pulled off at Boise State’s Annual Spring Fling event in 2006.  Abbey is in the black shirt and sunglasses in the far right, I am the little face behind the guy in the black & white hat.

She was able to pull some strings and get bmx bikers and skateboarders to bring in this HUGE half-pipe and put on a show for all college students. It was a success.

 I am the one in the black shirt on the far right. Walking with my bull in hand.

Here is a little shot of what happens when you drink too much Red Bull… you get your wiiiiiiiings and you get a little crazy! Please don’t ask me what I was doing… I think we were pretending to be fake skateboarding.. or something. Just know that we are awesome and that is all that matters. 🙂

Anyways… the movie Role Models got me to thinking about my time working for Red Bull. I learned a TON about marketing, networking, communications, event planning….etc. It truly was one of those jobs that are so thankful you had the opportunity to have. We also got a lot of FREE Redbull.  (yes Abbey I used the f-word..gasp!) Needless to say, I have had to ween myself off it over the years.

I go to thinking about all the good times, my old boss Abbey and how she was training for a marathon and how I was really craving a Red Bull. Crazy how thoughts come sometime.

So hope you liked the bit of flashback into the life of “The Linz” (this nick name was actually given to me the first day I started working with RB!) I hope you check out Abbey’s blog and wish her luck!  And well a post by me would not be complete without showcasing my latest and greatest creation…

I call it the Green Bull Monster!!

The real star of this smoothie is packed into this tiny little Red Bull Energy shot.

The former Red Bull girl herself had never tried the energy shot and I figured this was the perfect time to try it. The benefit of this little guy vs the real thing out of the can is 25 calories vs 110 calories. Can’t beat that!


My Green Bull Monster:

  • One Red Bull Energy Shot (I think they sell sugar free too)
  • 1/4 cup of plain yogurt
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 kiwi
  • 2 handfuls of spinach

Red Bull or not, I think this smoothie concoction would be awesome. The flavors of the kiwi & strawberry were amazing.

But I loved the added boost of the Bull. It seriously gave me energy all day yesterday. Enough energy to get my booty over to Golds Gym and do some kickboxing last night. Hiiiii-yah!!!

I know you probably don’t look at Red Bull as being super healthy but sometimes you just need a little kick to get you going… I don’t drink any other energy drinks besides Red Bull. And I have cut back my Red Bull consumption to about once a month as a special treat. And if I do indulge, I try to get the sugar-free. But I honestly adore the taste of the regular much much more.

What are your thoughts on Red Bull/energy drinks in general and/or how do you get your energy when you need a little boost? Coffee? Green Tea?

10 thoughts on “A Race and lots of Bull

  1. Good luck beating the coach!! I’ve got your post from yesterday saved; I still don’t know what to write! 🙂

    Isn’t Role Models hysterical?? If you haven’t seen I Love You, Man, that’s another awesome one — I just adore Paul Rudd…

  2. That race sounds SO FUN! Good luck! How cool that he donates $5 for each person who beats him. What a great guy.

    Working for RB sounds so cool! I will have to check out Abbey’s blog. I have never had RB (the smell makes me feel sick) and avoid all energy drinks. I am kind of lame-o, I suppose.

  3. AWWW Linz… you made my DAY! Believe me, I have the same fond/fun memories of you! We did have fun didn’t we? 🙂 yay! Loved the old pics… is that you hanging with the Swedish Meatball on the halfpipe? Very nice. We all look way legit. 😉

  4. love red bull….sometimes. i know its not the greatest for you, but sometime you need that extra energy. i never thought to try and mix it with anything….well except vodka. lol.
    but ur green bull monster sounds amazing!!! 🙂

    hope u met all ur goals on ur race!!!!

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