How To Do It All

Hello everyone! I am Joanna from Morning Runner! While Linzi is on her honeymoon she asked me to guest post!

Summer is a busy time – every year when March rolls around, the calendar for June, July and August is pretty barren. But before you know it every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been booked solid.

Of course you want to go on every vacation, attend every BBQ and every wedding you are invited to. But when summer comes, often running takes a back seat to everything else. Between your social life and your running life, it is hard to fit everything in. But
guess what – with a little planning you can have it all.

1. Schedule. Taking your calendar and scheduling a time for your run every day at the beginning of each week is a guaranteed way to make sure you get your workouts in.


2. Morning runs. Morning is the best time in the summer to run because a) it is cooler outside in the morning and b) it is actually light outside! Before you know it, the mornings will be dark and the roads will be covered in snow so get out and there and enjoy those humid and sunny mornings. Plus when you have a day packed with
activities, morning sometimes is the only time to fit in a run!



3. Multi-task. Being not only a bride but also a maid of honor to my best friend this summer, multi-tasking is a must in order to get everything I need accomplished each day. Wearing around my high heels with my recovery socks -Yes! That is how I break in my new shoes and also recover from my tough runs!


4. Enjoy the alone time. Sometimes the time spent running is the only time during the day that I don’t spend around people. It’s a great time to relax and refresh before heading to work or heading off for a busy day of wedding activities!


And that is how you fit in everything you want to during the summer! Hope the rest of your summer is filled with fun, food and lots of running!

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