Tissue Issue


So, I kind of left you in suspense last week after my Physical Training appointment for my right foot.

It’s not the worst news ever. But it’s definitely not the news you want to hear while you’re still riding out your runners high from the previous Sunday’s marathon either.

So I was told that I have ‘over usage of a tissue’ in my right foot. Basically the tissue that connects from my shins to a small bone in my foot is stressed and probably isn’t fixable with just rest alone.

So to start, the PT gave me three exercises to do several times daily to strengthen the tissue.

They are easy and some can even be done at work by taking a minute break.


So the first two are basically just calf stretches.


You do a big calf stretch, then bring it in for a smaller one.


I’m to hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat this exercise 3-4 times daily.

The third is called an ankle inversion.


You take your elastic strap and pull your foot away. It helps to build strength in the muscles and tissue in the foot.


Now that I see the picture comparison, I probably need my strap up higher for more resistance.

Anyways, the PT said to do these exercises for 3 weeks and see if the pain subsides or goes away. If not I actually need to start a Physical Therapy program.

The conclusion is that it was an injury from running. She said she commonly sees this injury in the higher mileage runs (18+ miles). But was simply amazed that I ran the marathon without much issue.

But if you remember back to my 20 miler run, it was not such a glorious run. My foot hurt so bad I could barely put any pressure on it.

So being that I can run sometimes without pain is a good thing.

But being that it also hurts sometimes when I run is also a bad thing. She told me I was not allowed to run any high mileage runs until we fix my foot.

I was told I was allowed to run 2-3 mile runs as long as my foot was not in pain after. If there was any pain at all I am forbidden to run at all.

Super sad panda. 😦

So, a week later I have still have not run yet for fear that it will hurt. It hurts sometimes just walking around my house. So i’m trying to listen to the doc and do my exercise thang and mend my tissue issue.

I am not completely devastated at the moment considering I should be taking it a bit easy after the marathon anyways. This is actually forcing me to check out other fitness options.

Since the marathon I have…

  • Hit up 2 hard yoga classes
  • Rocked a kickboxing class
  • Let J. Alabama work my biceps over at the gym doing hardcore weight lifting

So not to shabby for being unable to run.

I’m excited to take on some new fitness challenges in the next few weeks and possibly build up some muscle strength from weight lifting, and even add spinning back into my routine, along with my yoga.

I’m going to take it one day at a time and really nurse this foot back to health.

I’m ready to run. I’m ready to take on new challenges in that realm, but I also know I have a whole lot of time to do that.

So, I will sit with my accomplishment of completing my marathon and rock the calf stretches in the meantime.

What are your suggestions for dealing with an injury (mentally & physically)?


18 thoughts on “Tissue Issue

  1. I’m sorry about the injury! Hopefully it’ll be better in no time. Enjoy all of the other fun workouts and dream about your future running goals. You’ll be back running those long runs soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about the setback. 😦 Glad you are taking care of it and doing all the right things to make sure it gets better! Good on you keeping active by other means in the mean time!

  3. my suggestion for injury is rest, rest and more rest. and maybe add some ice in there. too bad u cant foam roll ur foot! hahahha

    too bad about ur injury. but u should be happy and proud u trained for a marathon injury free! yay about that.

    and look at u being all productive….in the week since my marathon…i have sat on the couch and ate pizza and chips and tons of other goodies that my friends gave me for the marathon!

    keep resting and recovering! yoga will help with the mental recovery too!


  4. My suggestion: you’re doing already everything that can be done to heal.

    I’ve had an injury once at my shin when I missed the step in Steps class and had to go to physical therapy to heal it. I do remember from that time that I was so afraid to start exercising again because I was afraid I would hurt it again. It took me a few weeks to get over my fear and the injury never came back gladly.

    Take it easy and take this time to explore other fun fitness workouts.

  5. I think you’re doing the right things. Now is a good time to explore a few different options for fitness anyways. It’s good to give your brain a mental break from running once in a while. Keeps from getting burned out. Try a few new things, and let that foot heal.

    One question … in that diagram with the resistance band it shows the foot flexing towards the inside of the foot. But in your picture you are flexing to the outside. Is that because of the location of your injury? Or should you be flexing the other way?

    It looks like a good exercise to do to strengthen that part of your foot.

  6. Oh girl I’m so sorry you’ve got an injury. 😦 Though at least it isn’t a stress fracture or broken toe! And you are allowed to run as long as it doesn’t hurt which means you’ll get a chance to keep up your cardio and endurance. 🙂 You’ll rock the PT and be aces in no time!

  7. Good for you for still working it with an injury! I really struggle with that. When I had to take most of May and June off, I was starting to lose it by the end… but my body recovered and I seem to be doing fine (*fingers crossed*). Just keep doing XT, strength and yoga! And reading other running blogs made me feel good 🙂

  8. Injuries are the worst! I did all of those stretches when I hurt my knee/ankle and they helped a lot. Especially that big calf stretch.

    I made a training plan for my half-mary (in June) and I wanted your input on it, would it be okay if I emailed it to you? (Since you’re a pro now! ;0) )

  9. well I can’t wait to get you in the water lovie- nothing like a little water aerobics to strengthen all sorts of muscles : ) as soon as MY tissue issue is healed… we have a date lol

  10. Injuries suck! I hope yours gets resolved soon… and hopefully you’re still able to run a couple of miles so at least you’re still running! I think focusing on other kinds of fitness like you’re doing is a great way to deal with it though!

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