Easy Kitchen Chair Makeover

When I say that I’ve been “pinteresting” my house over the last month, I feel pretty confident that most of you know what I mean when I say that.

I’ve been using pictures of other people’s cute stuff to inspire me in my own home.

And to be clear, I’ve never really considered myself a crafty person, but this latest project was so easy that crafty people or non-crafty people alike could conquer it.

Camera Effects(21)

I’m talking about those really cute chairs, if you weren’t sure. 🙂

The idea to makeover my dining room chairs came after realizing how out of date they looked. After awwing over some cute pinterest chairs, I googled how to reupholster a chair and realized it was SUPER easy!

Easy DIY Kitchen Chair Makeover

What I used:

  • Screwdriver
  • Staple gun
  • Fabric (a little over a yard)
  • Spray paint

Step 1: Flip over chair and unscrew cushion

003    step1

Step 2:

Cut desired fabric into a square that will completely cover the front side of the cushion


Step 3:

Use staple gun to staple fabric to the back side of cushion. Make sure to pull fabric tight.


Save the corners for last, as they need to be tucked and pulled for a nice finish.

Step 4: I took my chairs (sans cushion) outside and gave them a once over with black gloss spray paint.

Step 5: Once the paint had dried I screwed the cushions back onto the chairs.


Seriously easy kitchen chair make-over!


What do you think? Do you consider yourself a crafty person?



16 thoughts on “Easy Kitchen Chair Makeover

  1. years ago i had chairs with the exact same fabric seats. I recovered them too exactly like this! So simple, and it makes you feel so professional!!! lol

  2. SOO cute and easy! My friend just did this with his wife for their dinning room table set! It turned out great and its so easy! I am sort of crafty! I love to crochet – in fact I need to get started on a blanket soon for my nephew who is due in a couple weeks!

  3. You make it look so easy! I’m not crafty in the least, so I wouldn’t even attempt something like this. I do still want to make a tutu, though. I loved the tutorial you did on how to make ’em.*

  4. It’s a good thing you don’t live next to me because my neighbour does this for a living and he would be out of work if you moved to our street: awesome job!

    I do consider myself a crafty person when it comes to knitting, cross stitching and sewing but never did something like this with my furniture.

  5. Aww yay glad I found you!!!! Hello from a fellow milwife! [hubs is USMC and we’re in NC at the moment!]

    The chair looks like a million bucks! Love the fabric you chose too – B+W damask is one of my absolute favorites =)

  6. Those chairs are so cute… much better looking than the old version!
    I’m not crafty when it comes to DIY home makeovers, but I do make jewelry and have done some sewing and stamping/card-making before. Jewelry is my main hobby when I’m not running, swimming, doing yoga or strength-training.

  7. Last Christmas I made over our dining room chairs just like that! I had never done anything so crafty and they turned out great!!

    Yours look awesome and I love that fabric.

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