No longer Newlyweds

Today marks one year of wedded bliss! I can’t believe it either.


As most couples would be pulling out a year old,  half eaten, semi freezer burnt piece of wedding cake, we are going to be toasting our first year with this lovely wine given to us at my bridal shower last year signed by our loved ones.  This seemed like an easier option with all of our moving adventures this past year.

I can’t even express how amazing this past year has been for the two of us.


We’ve been through ups, downs, army stuff, and moving across the country but through it all it has made us even closer. And I honestly couldn’t imagine our life any other way.

From the moment of our first look one year ago…




To now… I am thankful and blessed for this happy little life we have built together.

Camera Effects(1)

Happy one year anniversary J. Alabama! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Just for fun…a few fun “Wedding Wednesday’s” from last year.


15 thoughts on “No longer Newlyweds

  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year. I’m so happy for you both and feel lucky to have been a part of your wedding day. I can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  2. Happy anniversary! We didn’t save our cake top. My husband thinks it is a gross tradition. I love the wine bottle idea! Very cool. I hope y’all have many more years of wedded bliss!*

  3. Time really did FLY by! Can’t beleive it has been a year! Just funny how different last summer was from this summer! Congrats! We ate our cake right after the wedding so no cake for us either – I might just make myself a cake loL!

  4. Sorry this is a day late, but Happy Anniversary all the same!

    I think the wine was a cool idea. Was it good?

    Mark and I will probably eat year-old cake on our first anniversary, ha ha!

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